TVS 007 – Ken Layne, the Desert Oracle


Psychedelic FM sermons are Layne’s specialty, but you may feel less tripped out than pissed off the closer you listen. Through hot and brittle realism,¬†Desert Oracle Radio subverts diversion and asks the listener, “Which side are you on?” If there’s one thing that’s not going to stave off the apocalypse, it’s entertainment.

This episode looks at the core fundamentals of Desert Oracle Radio. Followers and strangers will both find something to ponder in this candid interview.

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Desert Oracle Magazine sampler
Desert Oracle Radio audio feed
Music by Red Blue Black Silver
Desert Magazine piece cited in the episode

Hosted and produced by Chris Greenspon
Special thanks to Red Blue Black Silver and Kristin Scharkey

Photo: Desert Oracle publisher and host, Ken Layne, in front of his office on Highway 62 in downtown Joshua Tree.
Credit: Chris Greenspon


TVS 006 – SGV Stories: “Introducing J.P. Story”

jp photo

There aren’t many people who introduce themselves by their full name, but for J.P. Story, there’s no other way, and as for his relationship with the SGV, there’s no other place this self-proclaimed non-artist could hail from. Take a trip into the mind of one of our most relevant cultural critics (if he even knows it), and ask yourself, “Who is J.P. Story?”

This episode is for anyone who’s ever had a socially unacceptable idea, and the willpower to carry it out. As always, I agree with nothing my guests say.

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Buy J.P.’s books of photos and poetry
J.P.’s amazing video archive
Instagram: @Your_Personal_Photographer_Jp

Hosted and produced by Chris Greenspon
Editorial assistance by Alex Aguilar
Rap tape by J.P. Story

Photo Credit: J.P. Story, Las Vegas, 2012

TVS 005 – Robyn Jameson, bassist for Flesh Eaters & Divine Horsemen


The Flesh Eaters are one of LA’s best cult secrets. No, not the famous line-up, the metal n’ soul one! Bassist Robyn Jameson recounts how creative tensions flowered, flamed out, and gave way to the more mature Divine Horsemen. He thought they were gonna make “A Minute to Pray 2,” but the records they made are just as vital to Los Angeles’ history.

This episode is for fanatics and newcomers alike, blending Robyn’s candid interview with classics, deep cuts, and rare live tape, all remastered for this episode.

Listen/download here.

Tickets for Divine Horsemen’s show at the Echo
The Flesh Eaters’ records are available from Atavistic and Superior Viaduct
Books by Chris D. available at Chris’s Amazon Author’s page
Flesh Eaters and Divine Horsemen on good ol’ Facebook

Hosted and produced by Chris Greenspon
Live tapes by Noise Addiction II and Gil Fuhrer of Safari Sam’s, Huntington Beach
Special thanks to Chris Desjardins and Ryan Pacheco

Photo line-up L-R: An early version of Divine Horsemen. John Doe, Julie Christensen, Robyn Jameson (sitting), Chris Desjardins, Matt Lee, Rex Roberts. Credit: Unknown.

TVS 004 – Ember Knight, actual joker


Comedian Ember Knight would’ve gotten away with asking who had the biggest spicy sausage in the safe space… until Satan showed up and offered her fame. From there, it was a deep and raw digression into what’s problematic in contemporary stand-up, complete with faked death and real nudity.

This episode interweaves Knight’s interview with tons of live sound from her performance.

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Featuring music by Ember Knight:
Instagram: @emburgler

Hosted and produced by Chris Greenspon
Live recording from Dominic A. Reyes’ Domestic Violence Benefit @ Bridgetown DIY, La Puente, 11/24/17
Audio guidance by Ryan Pacheco

TVS 003 – Ray Sanchez, Club sCUM co-founder

DSC07661 (1)

“There is nothing brown and queer like that, and punk all together,” Sanchez friends pleaded with him, after a one-off dj night at Akbar. So Ray and his dj’ing partner Rudy Garcia concocted sCUM, a monthly club in Montebello. Since early 2016, sCUM has brought the likes of Martin Crudo, Alice Bag, Allison Wolfe, Seth Bogart, Brontez Purnell and countless drag performers to a loyal following of queer poc punx in ELA. Regulars have become performers and vice versa. Sanchez shares his roots in the club scene and the backyard scene in this great episode.

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Featuring music from CAUSA:
T Party pix:
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Hosted and produced by Chris Greenspon
Photo by Scott Freeman, @ogscottfree, at Bridgetown DIY
Music assistance by Crasslos

TVS 002 – SGV Stories: “Desilu’s Camera”


Valinda’s Desilu Munoz fell into film at an early age, and used it to document scenes and hoods all over Southern California, until she realized that everything she cared about was right in the SGV. But what’s next for the photog who covers the Valley’s humble beauty?

A note from your host: After recording this interview, I decided to start a mini-series within The Vacuum Seal called “SGV Stories.” These episodes are dedicated to the people and places in the San Gabriel Valley.

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Hosted by Chris Greenspon
Theme song by Great Ghosts

TVS 001 – Felipe Flores, the critical cartoonist

simpsons poster

La Mirada’s Felipe Flores is the cartoonist behind Trabajo Press, a working class comics and zine publisher that examines pop culture. In this episode, Flores talks with Chris Greenspon about The Simpsons, his comic ‘Hyper Time,’ that pits the historical figures like the Ramones against fictional characters like the Warriors, AND, he also sheds light on why it’s important to make comics about things that disgust you.

“…Time exists in the subspace between the poetry created about it as well as from it.” —taken from the inside cover of Hyper Time #1, “New York 1976”

Listen/download here.

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Theme song: Untitled by Jet Elfman
Closing track: I Couldn’t Let You by Felipe Flores

Many thanks to Felipe for designing The Vacuum Seal’s logo.